Unsere Kirschen


Buy directly from the producer.

At Finca Torrevella located in Alcoy - Alicante, we believe that the best product can be obtained while respecting the environment as much as possible. SOTARONI cherries are born and harvested with the utmost care and affection, so that our customers arrive in the best conditions and directly from the producer without going through intermediaries that make the product more expensive.

From the Tree to your table. Freshly picked cherries

Cherry is a highly valued seasonal fruit with great nutritional value and exceptional properties, which is why we are pleased to offer our product directly to the distributor so that it can be offered in their establishments without going through intermediaries and directly from the producer. 8,000 trees grown in the best conditions for this fruit that needs a cold climate in winter and hours of sunshine in spring for flowering and fattening. High-quality, high-quality cherries that are already in process.